In God we Trust

Located at 4019 Common Street

38 Hour Course $275.00

**a legal parent needs to come in to finish registration signing papers, copy of birth certificate and finish paying**

We are located one block North where Sale Road deadends into Common Street. Behind the McNeese Softball Fields.

Welcome to License 2 Drive Your SWLA's premier source for outstanding driver education. 

Parent's, it's time for something NEW!! 

Finally, a driving school in Lake Charles, La.  While attending these classes, your teenager will obtain key information about the laws of the road, but more importantly they will learn defensive driving skills. Your teen will experience an exciting, interactive driver education course including textbooks, workbooks and videos. Our instructors provide “hands-on” learning which would be essential in emergency situations. Responsible driving comes with maturity, including the understanding that an automobile can be a potential weapon and "driving is a serious responsibility and privilege."